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After I washed ghd hair straightener my face with cold careless clothes wet Charles let me into the room for a set of clothes. A Hong followed me into the room to follow is to clean up her room with her words, the cleaning up the whole house is her duty. Second, this young master does not like youfor a new suit replaces the old clothes in my hand that is not what in fact is the last living on the clothes of the hotel in Shanghai when I bought cheap from Xiangyang only such clothes wear it on my body does not feel burden. But I like to wear this dress before I wear you are not do not oppose it? A Hong folded my old clothes into the bottom drawer of the cabinet, said: Now the second young master used to be back before you can according to the preferences of two young master to dress themselves. I asked angrily: he wanted me as a doll it? Ah Xiang said: I can not answer you this question now I have to quickly get dressed down for cleaning your clothes. Mrs.

Ian Huanhaoyifu just came knocking at the door: Ms Cheng you go two young ghd sale master. I reluctantly followed his wife downstairs Ian Charles has been sitting in a black limousine I want to sit in the passenger seat next to Ho, but Ian wife pushed me off the back seat. I fell to him just taking advantage of CharlesHo told: drive. Where are we going? Charles said: for a while you know. I drove the black door of the villa paradise my head buried in the upper Charles Ho was very slow the car I saw one guard at the door, Mr Chan did not know he still remember me so personally when I was with Chen Ping said he was a nanny for Charles and Charles is now sitting in the car next time side by side, Chen Ping, how do I Yuanhuang it? Do not worry about the outside can not see the car situation. Charles squeezed my chin and kissed my lips I looked over his left do not want to see me and Charles Ho kiss. I did not think Charles would be early in the morning took me to the University Meile Di car security saw him open the gate to open Ho took over the car stopped at the door of the Administration Building and the Charles when I got off the bus he only car to car park. Charles, Duke of trance, looking at the portrait of Theo asked me wonder:

Do you bring me here to do? ghd outlet Admission procedures for you to do. What professional like it? Jiang Taixi thick documents from the desk where I handed out a form, said: the personal information you can fill out on Monday since the class. I like painting. I Xiangyebuxiang question to answer Jiang Taixi Galaxy Satellite Juro is the dark horse of painting his students can do is honor of my life recently I used to sit Moreover, some strange dream the dream picture I want to use a pen to describe it. Jiang Taixi reveal a smile and asked: Since the Galaxy Star Jurothe default meaning. Charles said: Faculty of Law, transferred to her. I am not convinced argued: But I like painting. Jiang Taixi said: in the end go to what college? Law School or the Academy of Fine Arts? Academy of Fine Arts. I cried. Law. Charles said: want to study here, studying law in the future can only be a good lawyer out of your sister coming back one day and so the economy can also be safeguarded. Because ghd green envy styler Charles I gave in this sentence so I let his preferences for the future development of the plan. Meile Di University closed the

school was originally the school used to be hung as a portrait of the Duke cheap ghds if Theo had an open society for a time like now to consider the safety of teachers and students have only visitors to enter. University students who all requirements Meile Di live on campus and my mind this is at least I do not have to think twice how to face Mrs Ian them. Miss Li Jiang Taixi I accompanied Secretary of a tour of the entire university. Law school students are much like the shape of the courts of Hong Kong TVB drama series in the Western architectural tradition of the white roof, sword and scales of Lady Justice is particularly conspicuous. My eyes closed in silently with folded hands in prayer. Miss Li she stood beside me on the chest and close your eyes and hands Baoquan said: palms together is a Buddhist ritual prayer is the Western religions hands Baoquan. Ilike your school friends, I can not neglect your woman. Later would be best to study here not to show off your identity or someone else can easily be ghd rare isolated. I friends words as firmly as

the dagger stuck in my heart. It is time to remind myself that I was a lower body is a woman with his own books in exchange for the ghd hair opportunity to re-picked up some harder than others, so be worthy of my own body. Miss Li said: you do not have embarrassed a single lawyer I know women are generous with his current college you into our Meile Di a piece of cake for him to do. Today is already such a bar on Friday afternoon to Sunday you come to visit my students at the people to arrange accommodation for you to do. I remember a thank you. Miss Lee said: You only need ghd pink to bring on a change of clothes and a few other things can all return to school uniform distribution. Good! I remember. Miss Li said: you look like this pair really is quite submissive man likes to discuss and go I in my room, Charles had only called me once he called me to his study gave me a bank book after your living expenses each month I will have access to this account. I did not explain the second sentence was out of school with his wife, Ian? ! You let me Meile Di college? I exclaimed: This is

the university I read the first semester of Grade studying how can the gold ghds university do? Charles was very calm, said: So you have to redouble our efforts Meile Di universities are private universities will award annual performance NO1 some scholarships for students with a lot of money If you wish, I can afford all of your tuition fees. I was so excited when he said: I really really can not go to university entrance to it? Charles said: As long as you are willing to study hard on the line. I own a pinch would hurt Ireally dreaming of today I am a college student or all students and university students dream Meile Di. Charles took me to the principal directly to the office of university president Jiangtai Xi Mei Ledi than I imagined him to be much younger, and Charles will inevitably have to meet some pleasantries. Jiang Taixighd radiance and ghd outlet left sides, respectively, they smile very happy people will be able to see relations between them are good friend


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